benefit for the wild

As members of this planet, our beloved Mother Earth, we have a responsibility to offer and feed that which gives us life. The plants, our animal brothers and sisters, the elements, and the forces unseen all work together to provide us with everything we need to thrive. We are at the top of the food chain. We have the greatest power to destroy and create. There has been a great separation that has lead our beloved planet into a state of emergency and mass extinction. The resources are becoming endangered at an alarming rate and human population still grows.

It is time to act on the passion and motivation we have towards preserving and protecting the remaining wild species and spaces they call home. My passion and purpose is to be a voice for the keynote species, namely the wild cats, wolves, bears and birds of prey. Not only do these majestic creatures indicate the health and well-being of the natural world, but also hold ancient wisdom for us to know how to exist in harmony with one another.

taking action

Through my network of dear friends and fellow artists, I’m initiating a collective that is coming together through art, story, and education. I have begun to organize benefit events that will be held in different parts of the country and world where the animals need our support. These wildlife benefits will be a dynamic presentation of music, dance, visual art, storytelling, and practical facts about the nature of these creatures and the current issues they’re facing.

I’m linking myself with the leading integral organizations fighting for the well-being, protection, and preservation of these animals and their habitats. The proceeds of the events and art shows to follow will be donated to these organizations. The importance of having benefits in the regions the animals live is to ensure that the raised funds go directly where they need to go, on a local level.

The first Wildlife Benefit will be held this November in Nevada City, California. This event is for the cat with many names, the Puma, Mountain lion, or Catamount. Since I was young, the spirit of the cat has been a kindred ally. The Puma specifically has shown up for me and given me the strength to be who I am. Now it’s time for me to give back.

f e a t u r e d   e v e n t :

Come enjoy a wildlife fundraising event benefitting the mountain lions (pumas) of North America. This artshow will feature original works, prints, clothing, jewelry, and artisan chocolates that embraces the beauty and power of wild cat species. Participating artists include David Hale, Kris Davidson, Catiflor, Lief Wold, Marisa Ware, Mira Luksenko and more. There will be refreshments and live music by Brian Hartman. All proceeds from the show will be donated to the Bay Area Puma Project.


The Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP) is the first large-scale research, education, and conservation program for pumas in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Their primary goal is to increase knowledge, understanding, and awareness about Bay Area puma populations, in effort to protect key habitats and corridors, promote better co-existence between humans and pumas in the region, and ultimately to help foster a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural world.


Artist involved:

leif wold - Catiflor Designsleif wold

The works created by the hands and mind of Leif Wold float somewhere between the material and ethereal worlds – available for your senses, as you can see and feel them, yet projected somewhere into a space known only by your spirit. His work spans from paintings to mixed media, to mural art. Learn more about Leif >>

David Hale - Catiflor Designsdavid hale

David Hale is a globally recognized tattoo artist who lives in Athens, Georgia. He owns and runs his own tattoo shop; LoveHawk Studios, where he creates individualized tattoos based on his illustrations. Hale’s designs are inspired by the natural world, influenced by his imagination, and inked onto the canvas of human skin. Learn more about David >>

kris davidson- Catiflor Designskris davidson

Kris Davidson’s artistic expression is a visually poetic response to a geometrical language that connects us all. Tattooing became a more focused medium once he began to crave a deeper connection with the people that supported his work. His creative practice has since expanded into a healing practice. Each one of his tattoos is seen as a Talisman charged with the particular energy that emerges through the weaving of Kris’ creative intuition with the client’s intent. Learn more about Kris >>

marisa ware - Catiflor Designsmarisa aragón ware

Marisa Aragón Ware is a professional illustrator living in Sedona, AZ. Marisa garnered her deep appreciation of nature from a childhood spent enveloped in the forests and glades of the Rocky Mountains. Those formative experiences heavily influence both her art and outlook, and she strives to depict the beauty of the natural world to help others connect with its abundant primordial magic.

Marisa attended the Academy of Art University to earn a master’s degree in Traditional Illustration. She is represented by Mendola Artist Representatives. Previous clients include Shambhala Publications, Conscious Alliance, The Polish Ambassador, and Ayla Nereo. Learn more about Marisa >>