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collaborator: kris Davidson – tattoo artist

Tattoo Design with Kris Davidson
At various times over the year I’ve had the pleasure to work with the multi-talented artist, Kris Davidson. Together we’ve created designs for only close friends and family. It’s been a wonderful and growth provoking process that has blessed me with a new understanding of how to design for and with the body. Being present with the ritual process of tattooing for another has been an honor to experience. Many of us chose to get tattoos as a marker of remembrance or invocation of what were bringing into our lives. It is with that intention of invocation and remembrance that I have been able to help visually express the prayers of others. What’s truly amazing is seeing the visual prayer actualize into the skin, thanks to Kris. I’m so very grateful for the opportunity and joy it has been to collaborate with Kris is this way.

collaborator: una barrett  – relics of a new age

Kintala Jewelry Line
The jewelry line of Kintala has been held in the ethers for many months and is now in the beginning stages of emerging. Dear friend and collaborator, Una Barrett, has a skilled and sophisticated way of delivering meaningful concepts of life into her designs that are far beyond what meets the eye. Together we have created a line of talismans made to invoke that, which will bring you into balance.

The word, kintala, comes the Romanian language and means equanimity. Some of us consider ourselves modern day gypsies or nomads, finding our home wherever we are in the moment. Within gypsy culture, it is common to carry with you a talismans or charm to protect and provide good fortune. This is the tradition that kintala is keeping alive today within our modern culture. Our intention is that our talismans can help bring you into balance with the magic and unseen forces that guide.