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The KINTALA jewelry line has been incubating in the ethers and is now emerging from its cocoon of creation. Kintala is a collaborative weaving between craftswomen Catiflor and Una Barrett. Catiflor draws the dreams into existence, while Una wields over a decade of industry experience to inform her skilled and sophisticated manner of delivering meaningful concepts of life into her designs that are far beyond what meets the eye. From this fusion comes a line of talismans made to invoke that which will support your journey of finding balance.

The word kintala comes the Romanian language and means equanimity. Some of us consider ourselves modern-day gypsies or nomads, finding our home wherever we are in the moment. Others may be solidly rooted, yet still feel this silent pull of a distant time or memory. Within gypsy culture, it is common to hold with you a talisman or charm to provide protection and good fortune. This is the tradition that Kintala is keeping alive today within our modern culture.

The Kintala priorities are integrity, uniqueness, and intention. Each talisman is infused with all of these aspects. The actual pieces are produced by our friend right here in the USA, supporting fair labor and small business owners. They are then hand-finished by Una herself – providing a direct link between maker and wearer. Una’s skilled hands craft a “one-of-a-kind” look and feel that will make these pieces stand out in any wardrobe or setting. From conception to creation, mindfulness is involved in the full design process. Kintala is not just jewelry – it holds an invocation. Our intention is that our talismans can help bring you into balance with the magic and unseen forces that guide.

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