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five elements art presentation catiflor

art presentation: five elements art series

A dynamic visual presentation of the distinct qualities embodied in the 5 elements. This was Catiflor’s premiere event as she shared the insights and process of her work and inspiration.


Each mandala design within the 5 Elements Series evokes the essence of each element. Click the toggles below to learn more about the inspiration behind the designs.

catiflor designs mountain spirit mandalasFINDING YOUR FOUNDATION

This is the 1st print of the emerging 5 Element series. This print is one of the Earth element mandalas. Connecting to the foundation of who we are and where we stand is fundamental for having the strength to rise to our potential. This print embodies the geometries of four and eight. Four is a number of stability, boundaries, and protection. Throughout the ages temples such as the pyramids in Egypt have been built standing on a foundation of four. In this mandala four expands to eight, representing knowledge, integration, abundance, balance, and a stability that has grown and expanded. From a solid foundation, anything is possible, the great pyramids, the ancient redwoods, and the creation of our lives. From the ground up we will rise.


Earth Medicine Mandala Catiflor ArtworkEARTH MEDICINE

This earth mandala represents a shield of strength, direction, and protection given by our beloved Pachamama. In the center is a cross, symbolizing the 4 directions. Place yourself at the very center point of the cross. Around you are pyramids representing power, structure, and safety. Surrounding them are leaves or nature, this is where all the structure comes from. Nature, the Earth is our true safeguard. Within nature, we find all we need to grow, heal and thrive. When we stand in alignment with the earth, centered in our connection to want sustains us we find all the medicine we will ever need.


Through the digestive fire of our experience, we learn to release what doesn’t serve us and carry on what does. It is the tempering process we all go through in order to expand into our full potential. This FIRE mandala represents our transformation from the dust of the past into the phoenix of the present. Soaring from the fire, living through the lessons of our experience with an open heart.



Inside our heart, the energies of the masculine and feminine transpire. This is represented at the center of this FIRE mandala by the 6-pointed star made of 2 overlapping triangles pointing in the opposite directions. The triangle pointing up is the masculine expanding and the one pointing downward is the feminine diving deep within. When we are connected to our heart in equanimity between the masculine and feminine the way we see and navigate the world becomes clearer. Our experiences are fractals of insights illuminated by the light of our hearts.


Before the Gregorian calendar ruled our lives, we charted time in the stars with the moon. This water mandala represents the moon’s impact on the waters and time in our lives. As the moon moves through her cycle each month, we feel effects of the waxing and waning through our emotions and physical experience. This piece invites us to consider time in a different way, in a more fluid and cyclical motion.



Every drop of pure water contains the stories and intelligence of life held in its molecular structure. When we remember this as we drink, we have access to the memories stored within. Our remembrance of where we come from through the water has a blossoming effect in our lives. This water mandala reminds us that every drop of water has the power to unlock our potential to live in remembrance of where we come from.

catiflor designsNECTAR OF THE AIR

With the ability to fly in every direction the hummingbird dances between the sweet nectar of flowers. This air mandala represents the delight of following our bliss. When we seek out the sweetness of being we learn how to access our joy and move in a way that ripples spirals of sweetness to all. Let’s take advice from the hummingbird and fly in the directions that lead us into experiencing more joy than ever before.


catiflor designsWAYS OF THE WIND

An ode to our movements inspired by the wind and the recognition of the magic found when we follow this guidance. The sparkles between the feathers remind me of the ‘dust’ or particles of light that open portals into other worlds. This air piece invites us into the spirals of insight we can receive when we let go and dance with the spirits of the wind.

catiflor designsHELD IN DUALITY

There is light and there is dark. We exist in the duality of yin and yang. There is life and there is death. This ether piece depicts the relationship between the cycle of light and dark in which we live. We are invited to remember that as duality cycles in our lives we are held in a space of grace by the wings of Isis. Isis’s wings are that of a vulture. A bird can process the worst of death digesting it into life again. Isis is the all mother and healer with the power to create life and take it away. Her wings hold us in a space of love as we ebb and flow on the journey of life.



From the center, a circle, a cell, all life is created. This ether mandala represents the miracle of how all life emerges from within the space of one. The circle in the center symbolizes the beginning, the doorway of creation that births the lotus of infinite consciousness and all things into being. From the beginning, we are all one.


logo design: health vibes

This project was effortless. Nina had a clear vision of what she was looking for and I was able to meet her in that vision quickly. Again being in alignment with the purpose of the client allows my work to manifest with inspired grace and fluidity.

Nadia Zebouni is a Coach, Athlete, Adventurer, and the founder of Health Vibes. Its mission is to unite recreational and professional female athletes to support each other in their pursuit of greatness, creating strong and confident female leadership for their respective communities.

logo design: kalyana organics

A dynamic visual presentation of the distinct qualities embodied in the 5 elements. This was Catiflor’s premiere event as she shared the insights and process of her work and inspiration.

kalyANa (Sanskrit for “well-being”) enthusiastically makes organic bakery and mixes that are deliciously wheat-free without refined sweeteners.

logo design: Jungle soul love

This was one of the first logos I created. Blakely of Jungle Soul was the spark of inspiration to carry my work over into logo creation. Our relationship was initiated in Costa Rica and the jungle there was the influence of her logo.

Jungle Soul Love is PURE SOURCE CACAO CREATIONS using RAW ORGANIC ENERGY, SUPERFOOD MAGIC, and PURE COSTA RICAN INGREDIENTS. Organic and sugar-free. Blakely Stein, a passionate foodie, yogini, surfer, and dancer, offers her cooking at Bamboo Yoga Play. Blakely’s food journey evolved from culinary school and working the line in the Big Apple to owning her own catering business for the past four years.

logo design: foothill acro

Again, I had the pleasure to support two empowered women sharing their practices of embodiment with the world. These acro yoginis helped me learn more about the editing and revision process of my work. Through their patience, I was able to actualize their logo in two different ways that met both their expectations.


logo design: sun lotus kundalini

Sierra Hollister was one of my first yoga teachers and holds a special place in my heart. When she asked me to do this for her I saw it as an opportunity to give back to her for everything she has offered me through her teaching and example. This design process was encouraging and helped me refine my communication skills and clarity.

Sun Lotus Kundalini  is the practice of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and shared by Sierra Hollister. This class is based on the ancient and sacred teachings of Kundalini and will usually be some blend of asana, kriya, pranayama, mantra and meditation.

logo design: vital yogi

I was honored to collaborate with Brooke Sullivan. Her vision and teaching have brought so much healing and awareness to her students and peers. Drawing designs to align with her mission was a delightful process because of how connected I am on a soul level to her work.

Vital Yogi Apothecaries is an herbal product line created by Brooke Sullivan of The Wild Temple.

logo design: The Wild Temple School

This was another, equally gratifying, design project with Brooke Sullivan of Vital Yogi.

The Wild Temple School is the creation of Brooke Sullivan, an experienced herbal Yogini and founder of Vital Yogi Apothecaries. Brooke and The Wild Temple guest teachers have created a carefully well-curated traveling school of programs aimed at creating transformational empowerment.

logo design: meta method

This vivacious woman, Elana Meta, is active in embodying her gifts and sharing them with the world. As a dear friend and ally, working with Elana to create graphics that compliment her teaching was fun and innovative. She is the 1st person I’ve collaborated with to create visuals for education curriculum. It was an experience I grew from and look forward to expanding into more.

Meta Method is the dance of the natural elements. A meditation, movement and metaphrase practice in conjunction with fire, water,earth, air and you. You’re the element that connects them all = META.

logo design: asheville yoga festival

I designed this logo for Amanda Hale and Sara LaStella, co-owners of Asheville Yoga Festival, with the goal of encapsulating the beauty these southeastern mountains, the playful and adventurous nature of Asheville, and their mission to expand this festival into the preeminent yoga/health/wellness event in the region. 

Set in the heart of the ancient and mystical Appalachian Mountains, the vision of Asheville Yoga Festival is to create a space for connection, adventure, play, relaxation, and healing. Since 2014, The Asheville Yoga Festival has been working to bring the gift of yoga to Asheville through a weekend filled with world-class instructors, dynamic musicians, motivating speakers and a diversity of vendors.

logo design: guided seeker

I designed this logo for Dee Nalam, Founder of Guided Seeker, a holistic alternative to modern-day tourism. 


Curating meaningful adventures for conscientious travelers, guided by their inner compass. Guided Seeker accepts applications for prospective seekers for trips worldwide, from Bali to Mount Everest.

logo design: miss ascentia fox

I was honored to create this Infinity snake logo for Ascentia. She is an amazing healer and teacher. Within this design, there is a lot of symbology that was fun to design.


Miss Ascentia is a devout student in the Mystery Traditions that span across cultures and time, cultivating deep presence, awareness and wisdom whisperings to share with the tribe. As a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapy Educator, Bodyworker,  Flower Essence Counselor, Kundalini Initiate, Birth & Death Doula, Spoken Word Poet, Plant Medicine Ceremonialist, and Ordained Priestess, she is a passionate guide and teacher  for those who seek to alchemize their body, mind, and spirit into a refined remembrance of their own inner wisdom.

logo design: the embodiment center


The Embodiment Center is dedicated to the practice and teaching of yoga for overall health, including strength and flexibility of body, clarity of mind, and generosity of spirit. They offer Iyengar Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Rolling Therapeutics, and events in the heart of downtown Asheville, NC.