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CatiFlor works closely with visionary artists, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and those called to express their personal gifts and service to the world. It can be a challenging process to accurately define the essence of your life’s work. CatiFlor provides both 1-on-1 consultations and design services to those seeking to define the essence of their offerings or being. This process can result in custom illustration designs that fit the needs of her clients, may it be a custom logo, product branding, tattoo and body art design, or custom artwork for special occasions.

creative process

My intention is to create a visual representation that aligns with the client’s purpose. Clear and open communication with the client is essential for the final design to manifest. The more synergistic the relationship, the easier it is for me to capture the true essence of what’s meant to be expressed within the artwork. Creating custom artwork for individuals is an opportunity I take great care in doing. My goal is to have the final product be something the client can personally embrace and feels confident sharing with the world.



Free consultation provides for the assessment of design work needed, personal insight and connection to the custom esthetics.

Meeting options include: in person, Skype sessions, phone


Pricing: $50/hr

Logo package includes drawing time, revisions, meetings, and research.

On average, a completed digitalized logo can run from $350-$1000, dependent on complexity of the design. If time exceeds 10 hours, there will additional charges per hour. Payment plans available.

Cost varies depending upon the design. Hourly rate is generally $50-60/hour. Custom design work includes, but is not limited to: promotional material, merchandise, screen-printed clothing, album art, event materials, and wedding invitations .